Jacquie Noelle Greaux from Random House Better Sex Through Yoga book seen here demonstrating the "Kneel & Beg" stretch. Specially designed for men who think they own and control their woman. By pressing ones foot down on the mans heart while pulling his right arm the man will soon realize he is nothing without his woman.

How to: If feeling like his heart needs an extra love workout push extra hard with your foot. Feel free to work your foot in from your heel to your toes. Make sure he's working too, with his chest going back as his hips are pushing up towards you supported by his abs. To open your own heart, bring your left hand to your neck and gently point your elbow up and back reaching for the sky. Feel the tremendous energy flow from your elbow to your groin by keeping your back straight and supported using your ab muscles. Keep your left leg completely straight and lean your body weight forward and back while being mindful to keep your tailbone tucked down and sexual core pulled up and in, supporting your open to love heart.

Female Yoga Snobs around the world have used this technique to receive the love and generosity they deserve from the men of their choice.

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Better Sex Through Yoga

jacquie greaux better sex through yoga book